A trustworthy company from which customers avail finest quality Heavy Duty Core Plug,Plastic Paper Core Plug, Plastic Core Plug and much more...

About Us

Unmatched in terms of excellence by any other firm, we are, Ashu Plastic, a premier manufacturer of a variety of core plugs. Customers who come to us, can avail a range that includes Light Heavy Duty Plastic Paper Core Plug , Plastic Natural White Core Plug, Heavy Duty Core Plug, and much more. Being a company that manufactures a wide array of Core Plugs, we make sure that each piece of product our clients avail, is flawless.

We are a name that has been setting standards since incorporation. Our name is appreciated widely because as far as we have worked, we have always excelled at our role, and delivered the best to our customers.

A couple of decades ago, the foundation of our company was laid with an ambition to be the best in the markets. Today, we are a firm that has marked standards for quality of the products, way of doing ethical business deals, and much more.
About Us
Our Mission and Vision


To always best at works, and continue to succeed in the markets on the grounds of integrity and respect.


To see ourselves become a globally famed firm that has always marveled at its roles and never fails to satisfy customers. We continuously work toward this vision by keeping our track record clean, and by continuing to satisfy the customers. 
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We work with a vision to attain prosperity and prominence on a global level. And, we know that the source of success: prominence and prosperity comes from customer who avails from us. We treat each customer in a best possible manner because we know that every client is capable of affecting company's reputation. The reason why we are famed nationwide is because we never treat our customers wrongly. We are a highly ethical company whose main objective is to deliver Plastic Natural White Core Plug, Plastic Paper Core Plug, Plastic Core Plug, and more, that are perfect in every aspect. Some of the other attributes of our firm are:-
  • Timely delivery
  • Ethical work practices
  • Transparent business deals
  • Affordable prices
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